hungry like the wolf 

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i'm andy you can call me faggot
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Cheryl Acuna
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The Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954)
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friend: "how are you?"
me: *thinking* "Daddy, where are you? i need you. Please hurry, Daddy. It’s been too long since your cock filled my faggot pussy. i can’t wait to suck and chew your nipples again; i love how that makes you so hard, Daddy. You cum so much when you’re inside me; i hope you get me pregnant this time! i love it when you rub my lips with your dripping cock right before you put it in me. i’ve been fingering myself waiting for you, Daddy, wanting you to punish me for being a bad girl. Lay me over your knees and spank my whore ass red until the front desk calls. Everyone at our hotel knows i’m your whore anyway, Daddy; You pay them enough so what is there to hide? Please hurry!"
me: "im fine"
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from my teeny tiny gridded moleskine, normally used for typography stuff
threw the pen in for scale reference, but drew this with sakura micron 0.5
Louise + Tina from Bob’s Burgers !
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click here to enter into a teenage boys mind
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AAでルミナスしていただきました | -_- [pixiv]